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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

BMW X6 2011

A very popular model in the BMW, the X6 ‘s presentation made. X6 4-door and 4-passenger car market has taken its place. History is also very popular models, the BMW X6, 2011 model has conquered the hearts of the users.
Elegance of the car next to the forefront of security measures. BMW X6 ‘s security measures have been tested and is equipped with the latest technology products. BMW is a brand that behave very sensitive about security. Human security is always very popular in this respect, the BMW in the foreground. Passenger airbag, driver airbag, curtain airbags, automatic locking reactors, door beams, rellover sensor, provides the security of the car’s crumple zones.
BMW X6 ‘s carefully crafted interior. Original wooden doors and dashboard, sports leather steering wheel, carpet mats, interior is remarkable.
The car’s exterior design and a perfect venue of BMW reflects all the properties. Chrome exhaust pipes, optional metallic paint, front air dam, front and rear body color bumpers is the outer space. Xenon car’s exterior lighting doing its job.


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